GE Zoneline packaged terminal room air conditioners are assembled in Louisville, KY.

In 1961, the GE Zoneline PTAC was making its way into hotels and motels across the country. Now, over 50 years later, GE Zoneline has been reinvented to meet the changing needs of America’s hotel industry. The newest GE Zoneline PTACs are engineered with 30% fewer parts to be more reliable, quiet and efficient, and incredibly easy to install and maintain.

Invented & Reinvented in Louisville Kentucky
Workers at GE Appliance Park

Louisville, KY

Key benefits of the New Zoneline



Corrosion protection models, with simplified serviceability.



Baked-on insulation mastic and quiet cross-flow blower, with lowest operating sound and best-in-class noise insulation (STC 29).*



On average, delivers 8% more efficient cooling than the leading competitor, with freeze sentinels and reverse cycle defrost.


Sleek Appearance

Streamlined, fresh appearance, with a new look and color, and coverless LED touch display.

* Independent 3rd party testing, 12K heatpump versus leading competitors.

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Trusted by Thousands of Hotel Owners

GE Zonelines are tested to the most stringent consumer-protection guidelines, as underwritten by UL. With over 50 years of design experience and millions of units installed, GE Zonelines are the industry’s trusted choice of PTAC.