Foolproof Roasted Turkey

This Foolproof Roasted Turkey recipe is truly a set-it-and-forget-it holiday dish. Brining with a mixture of apple cider, herbs and garlic adds tons of flavor and moisture so you don't have to baste the turkey. Our new Precision Cooking Turkey Mode does all the work for you! You can enjoy time with your family and friends without having to stand over a hot oven, and still have a golden brown, perfectly roasted turkey to serve.



Expected Cook Time By Turkey Size*

< 12 lbs.

1.25 hours – 2.5 hours

12 - 16 lbs.

1.25 hours – 3.5 hours

16-20 lbs.

1.5 hours – 3.75 hours

20 - 24 lbs.

2 hours – 4 hours

> 24 lbs.

2.25 hours – 4.5 hours

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