Electric Cooktops for Stress-Free Cooking

    Upgrade to a new countertop electric cooktop from GE Appliances. Electrical cooktops are the go-to choice for many home cooks, and for good reason. These modern appliances are compatible with almost all cookware and are easy to clean. They also achieve great cooking results.

    Find the best electric cooktop from GE Appliances today and make it the focus of your kitchen countertop.

    Transform Your Cooking With High-End Features

    Elevate your cooking game and become a pro in the kitchen with the advanced features our electric cooktops offer.

    Save time by using the Power Boil function for faster boiling and select the size of pan you want to use thanks to the dual-ring heat element. Integrated Touch Controls give you the choice of 11 different heat settings for optimal and precise cooking results.

    Our innovative appliances make use of the latest technology to give you a helping hand in the kitchen. Discover electric stove tops that are compatible with Smart Cookware and watch the burners set the ideal time and temperature based on a video-guided recipe in the app.

    The control lock capability prevents any unintended activation, so your cooktop isn’t accidentally turned on. Plus, hot surface lights are an effective safety measure to keep you and your loved ones safe from burns.

    With all these forward-thinking features, cooking and hosting have never been easier and more convenient.

    Select the Perfect Size and Style for Your Space

    A cooktop is an essential kitchen appliance for frying, boiling, and cooking all types of food. We're here to help you choose a new electric to level up your kitchen routine while bringing a touch of luxury to your space.

    Measure your space to ensure you get the right electric range top size for your countertop. Then, it's time to choose a design and color to fit seamlessly with your interior design. From there, enjoy an enhanced and elevated cooking experience with your new GE Appliances’ electric cooktop.