GE Appliances Microwaves: Heat Food Quickly

    Save the time and hassle of pre-heating an oven with a microwave oven that is ready to cook in an instant. With a microwave oven, you'll spend less time cooking and create less mess to clean up later.

    Microwave ovens are quick and convenient for cooking and reheating food. That's why they’re a staple kitchen appliance you won't want to be without.

    Every appliance should enhance the design of your home, so we stock microwaves in various designs and finishes to match your kitchen décor.

    Cook and Reheat Like Never Before

    We've designed our modern microwaves with smart features and cooking settings to make food preparation stress-free. These include convection and air fry modes, plus sensor cooking and "Fast Cook" settings.

    We stock different types of microwave ovens, including countertop, over-the-range, and built-in with excellent cooking and reheating options. Browse our full range of microwaves now to find the best microwave for your kitchen.

    Complete Your Kitchen with a Stylish Microwave Oven

    Discover premium microwaves from GE Appliances and GE Profile in a range of styles to make your kitchen counter shine. Whether you prefer classic stainless steel or contemporary black stainless steel, slate or black slate, or monochrome black or white, you'll find a color and finish to love.

    If you're not sure which microwave is best for your kitchen and cooking needs, take a look at our microwave buying guide for a helping hand.