Find Your Ideal Cooking Companion with GE Kitchen Ranges

    Upgrade your kitchen with a GE Range that redefines culinary possibilities. From fast and efficient cooking to advanced smart features, our kitchen range collection boasts a variety of configurations and fuel types to suit your cooking style.

    Explore GE's Signature Innovation and Style

    No Preheat Air Option: Crispy, healthier meals are just minutes away with the No Preheat Air Fry Option. Use your cooking range to perfectly fry foods without the wait, saving you time and energy.

    Fingerprint Resistant Stainless: Say goodbye to smudges and smears and hello to a clean and polished kitchen with Fingerprint Resistant Stainless finishes.

    Built-In WiFi: Monitor and control your range remotely using the GE Appliances Kitchen app. Preheat your oven, adjust settings, and receive notifications, all from your smartphone.

    Touch Controls: Adjust temperatures, set timers, and access various cooking modes with the touch of a finger, bringing intuitive control to your cooking experience.

    12"/9"/6" Power Boil Element: Select your burner size and use Power Boil to concentrate heat for a rapid boiling experience that lets you spend less time waiting and more time cooking.

    Versatile Range Configurations and Fuel Types

    Our range collection caters to your kitchen's layout and your cooking preferences. Choose from configurations such as freestanding and slide-in, as well as various fuel types including gas, electric, and dual-fuel ranges. Our ranges also come in a variety of finishes too, such as black, white, and stainless steel.

    Your Culinary Journey Starts Here

    Whether you're an aspiring home chef or a seasoned cook, GE ranges elevate your cooking experience. Learn more about Ranges with our Ranges 101 FAQ guide to help find a range that fits your kitchen, style, and passion for creating edible meals.