Explore Range Features and Options

Gas or electric? Single oven or double? Need help figuring out all the options available on today’s ranges?

What Colors are Available?

Standard colors and finishes for ranges include stainless steel, black, and white. Some models are available in other colors such as slate (a dark gray) or bisque (a pale beige).

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What is a Free-Standing Range?

A free-standing range is the most common range type. It can be placed between two cabinets or at the end of a cabinet. It has finished sides and a backsplash, sits on the floor, and controls are typically on the backsplash.

Do I Need Gas or Electric?

For most households, this depends on whether you have gas (propane or natural gas) and/or a 240 volt electric connection in your kitchen. Dual fuel ranges combine a gas cooktop with electric oven and require both gas and electric connections.

Will This range fit in my kitchen?

Standard width for a free-standing range is about 30″ — this will fit existing spaces in most kitchens.

What types of burners are available?

If you have gas, there are different gas burner sizes and configurations. Electric range options include coil or glass (smooth) cooktops. Induction cooktops are another electric cooktop option.

What is a double-oven range?

Some range models include two ovens to allow you to cook two items simultaneously at different temperatures.

What kind of drawer does my range have?

Free-standing ranges come with a storage drawer or broiler drawer. A roll-out broiler drawer allows you to toast or broil food.

What is Convection and why do I need it?

How should I clean my oven?

Some ranges have a self-clean cycle, which uses high temperatures to burn away soils and spills from baking and broiling. Standard clean ovens can be cleaned using soap and water or a commercial oven cleaner.

Will my turkey fit in this oven?

A 30″ free-standing range will hold a 24–26 pound turkey. The lower oven in a double oven range will hold a 20 pound turkey.

What should I know about oven racks?