Choose Your Ideal Wall Oven from GE Appliances

    Your oven is one of the central cooking appliances in your kitchen, so it's important you get it right when it's time to upgrade! Choosing the right design, size, and configuration is key when investing in a top-quality kitchen oven.

    From a variety of electric and gas wall ovens, you'll find space-efficient single wall ovens and large double wall ovens for when you need space to prepare multiple dishes at once! Is your microwave in need of an upgrade, too? Take a look at our 2-in-1 microwave oven combination designs for a coordinated kitchen aesthetic.

    Discover Sleek Wall Ovens with Smart Features

    From baking cakes to roasting meats, a quality oven brings your culinary ideas to life. When opting for a high-end wall oven with function-first features, you'll see the results in the quality of your baking, roasting, and grilling.

    Discover GE Appliances designs with built-in WiFi that lets you control your oven from anywhere and smart touch displays for changing settings with your fingertips. If you want to crisp off your cooking in an instant, check out our kitchen ovens with an integrated no preheat air fry function. From our kitchen oven selection, you'll also find appliances with self-cleaning technology and precision cooking modes for added convenience and optimal results.

    Find a Style that Fits Seamlessly with Your Kitchen

    A stylish kitchen oven instantly becomes the centerpiece of your cooking space. Whether you opt for electric or gas, single or double, compact or spacious, you can select a color and finish that complements your home!

    Choose from our chic color palette, which includes clean and contemporary white, bold statement black, timeless stainless steel, and more. For a hassle-free finish with easy cleaning, take a look at our fingerprint-resistant slate finish that makes a slick statement without the mess!

    Ready to upgrade your wall oven? Use our Wall Oven Buying Guide to help you decide on the perfect design for your space!