Connected Dishwashers

Stay on top of how much time is left for the dishwasher cycle.

It happens to everyone… the skillet handle is blocking the wash arm or the drain is clogged because the kids didn’t scrape their dishes. GE Appliance’s new app will alert you if anything prevents a less-than-perfect wash and when the load is finished. The dishwasher will also monitor performance and signal any leaks.

With the GE Appliances Kitchen app, you’ll be able to:

  • Monitor dishwasher cycle time and status
  • Lock and unlock controls
  • Determine if your rinse agent is low

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Never run out of detergent

Never run out of detergent

The GE Appliances Kitchen app keeps track of how many dishwasher pods you use and new pods will ship to your home when you're low.

Sign up in the app for Amazon Dash Replenishment.

Amazon Dash Replenishment
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