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    Recipe Conversion

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    Advantium FAQs

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The metal tray that comes with your Advantium can be used as a shallow baking sheet. Ensure consistent and even browning by arranging food on the metal trays as shown below. Foods can touch but should not overlap. You can also use your own cookware in the Advantium oven. Make sure you use the correct cookware for the type of cooking you are attempting.


    Use a circular pattern for cookies, biscuits and rolls.

    cookies laid out in a circular patter on a round pan

    Small items, like frozen appetizers, should be arranged in a single layer.

    Single Layer

    Large cuts of meat and poultry should be laid side-by-side.


    Crescent rolls and breadsticks will cook more evenly when baked in the spoke pattern.

    Spoke Pattern

    Non-metal casserole dishes, pie plates and other heat-safe cookware can be used directly on the metal tray for speedcooking.


    Shiny aluminum pans are better for cakes, cookies or muffins because they reflect heat and help produce a light tender crust.

    Convection Baking