GE ENERGY STAR certified GE refrigerators are designed to save energy without sacrificing the convenience of flexible capacity, great food preservation and a variety of appearance options.

  • Since 2005, GE Appliances has sold over 9 Million ENERGY STAR Certified refrigerators which are 20% or more energy efficient than standard models.*
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GE Energy Star Certified Refrigerators

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    GE appliances help you conserve energy and save money. We have been an ENERGY STAR Partner for over 10 years. We are committed to creating energy efficient, high performance household appliances and lighting products.

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  • Responsible Appliance Disposal Program

    First to Waste Not - GE Appliances' Product Recycling Program

    GE Appliances is the first and only appliance manufacture to partner with the EPA on the Responsible Appliance Disposal Program (RAD).

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    GE Refrigerator Recycling

    When an old refrigerator is taken out of service, about 55 pounds of material ends up in a landfill. GE Appliances' Product Recycling program reduces it to only 8 pounds. See how we do it!

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  • Make a Cool Change.

    Recycle your old refrigerator today.

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*U.S. Environmental Protection Agency