7 Appliance Features that Make Life Easier

Washing Out a Clothing Stain in Washer

Learn to love your kitchen and laundry time with these awesome extras.


A pretreat assistant

A shirt that comes out of the wash with a stain still front and center? We've all been there. With a built-in water station on some top-load washers, it's easier to get rid of messy spills before they set in. Simply use the water faucet in the back of the washer basin to scrub the stain, or allow the dirty item to soak up to 24 hours before washing.

A built-in soap monitor

Wouldn't it be great if your washing machine or dishwasher simply knew how much detergent or other add-ins were needed to do the job well? That's the beauty of our SmartDispense feature. It senses load size, soil level, and more to release what's needed and complete the wash cycle.

Grilled Carrots

Keep your options open

It's been around a while, but the center section on many ranges remains a cook-friendly tool that works on everything from pancakes to hamburgers. One reversible or changeable element enables it to flip from grill to griddle.

Cleaner dishes, without lifting a finger

Innovative tech that you never see: It really does work. Take the myriad jets hiding beneath the surface of your dishwasher—they clean corners and edge to edge and some even reach inside the narrow necks of bottles.

Look! No hands!

Filling a container from the fridge while holding it steady and watching the water level? No more—lasers do the work instead, using sensors that turn water off and on as needed.

Heat that you need

Simple innovations that cook things more quickly or adjust easily can help revamp packed schedules. Take the new tri-ring burner on select gas ranges. It has three rings on its burner head rather than the traditional single burner ring, and each ring is used on a different setting, from low to medium and high.

Delay start

Need we say more? Put a casserole in and set the oven to start in 30 minutes. You can run to the store or pick up the kids from practice, and when you get home, dinner is just about ready. It's a great make-life-easier assistant.

Grilled Carrots

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