Get Your Room Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Room Air Conditioner installed in a living room.

With rising temps and summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your room air conditioner. Before getting your window AC unit up and running, make sure to follow our tips to ensure the best cooling experience for the coming months.

Still in Your Window?

If your air conditioner stays in your window year-round, it’s important to inspect it before turning it on.

• Look at the coils on the outside of the unit- if they are clogged with dirt or buildup, you may need them professionally cleaned.

• Check the outside for debris, insects, or bird nests, and carefully remove if you find any.

Basic Cleaning

You should clean your room AC before summer, occasionally during use, and before you store it for the colder months by following the simple steps below:

• First, turn off the AC unit and unplug from the wall.

• Use water and a mild detergent with a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the grille and the case.

• Adjust the levers and gently wipe away any visible dust or dirt.

Air Filter Cleaning

You should check your air filter (usually located behind the front grille) prior to using your unit for a new season and at least every 30 days while in use.

• Gently pull the filter out from behind the grille.

• Clean the filter with warm, soapy water to remove built up dust and dirt.

• Thoroughly rinse the filter and let it dry completely before placing it back into the window AC unit.

• Do NOT clean the filter in the dishwasher.

Installation of Window AC Units

If you’ve removed the room air conditioner from your window, be sure to refer to your Use and Care manual for instructions on how to install it into your window again. If you can’t find your Use and Care manual, visit our Service and Support area on our website and enter your model number to find a digital copy.

Enjoy peace of mind and optimal cooling for months to come by following these simple cleaning and installation steps. If you’re needing to upgrade your current room air conditioner because the existing one has reached the end of its lifecycle, shop our latest units here.