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Monogram Professional Gas Rangetop with Grill

Monogram Professional Gas Rangetop with Grill - October 2011

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the General Electric Company (GE) has announced a voluntary recall of 470 Monogram® Professional Gas Rangetops with Grills operating on liquefied petroleum ("LP" or propane) manufactured from May 2008 through June 2011.

If you purchased an LP model or if you purchased a natural gas model that you converted to operate on LP gas, please check your model and serial number or call the Recall Hotline to see if your unit is included in the repair program.

NOTE: Monogram Rangetops included in the recall have knob controls located on the front panel. If your Monogram product has knobs or controls located on the top cooking surface, you have a Cooktop that is NOT included in the recall.

If your Rangetop with Grill is included in the recall, you should immediately stop using the product, turn off the gas supply to the product, and contact GE to schedule your free repair.

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The model and serial numbers of the units can be found on a label located behind the far left burner knob, or on the bottom of the rangetop. The knob should easily slip off (and back on) the knob post.

Rangetop Serial Number

Additional Information

This voluntary recall is due to a potential for a delayed ignition or explosion. This is caused when one of the top burner gas control knobs is inadvertently left in a position between OFF and LITE, and the burner fails to light. In Rangetops with Grills operating on LP gas, which is heavier than air, LP gas can flow through the grill and accumulate in the base.

GE has received six reports of an explosion in these units, some of which have resulted in property damage to the product and to cabinets beneath the Rangetop. No fire damage and no injuries have been reported. As part of our commitment to product quality and safety, GE has decided to voluntarily recall and repair these units free-of-charge to customers.

Recall Hotline

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET.
Before calling, have the model and serial numbers on hand.

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