Zoneline Buying Tips

Installation Guide for Vertical Air Conditioners

Zoneline Vertical units give home-like appearance to hotels, motels, apartments, office buildings and more. When installing a Zoneline Vertical Air Conditioner or Heat Pump, the following checkpoints should be followed to reduce future problems.

Wall Plenum (Required)

  • Plenum must be level from left-to-right.
  • Plenum must be level from front-to-back.
  • Plenum should extend at least 1/4″ to the outside for caulking.
  • Plenum must be sealed/caulked to outside wall on all four (4) sides.
  • Plenum should extend at least 1/4″ to the inside and on all four (4) sides, and be sealed/caulked to the inside wall.
  • Standard plenums are 19 3/4″ W × 32″ H with optional depths of 6″, 8″, 12″ and 15″. Depth requirement determined by building exterior wall thickness.

Platform (Field Supplied, Required)

  • Platform should be a minimum of 23 1/4″ × 23 1/4″.
  • Platform must be tall enough to allow working access to 3/4″ NPT drain under unit (8–12″ min).
  • Wall plenum will extend 1″ below top of platform.
  • Platform design and construction determined by contractor.
  • Platform must support a minimum of 175 lbs.
  • Platform must be secured to floor or wall of enclosure.

Remote Wall Thermostat (Required)

  • Zoneline Heat pumps require 6 wires (min) for remote wall thermostat hook-up.
  • Zonelines with electric heat and cooling require at least 5 wires for digital remote thermostat hook-up.
  • Standard digital and programmable digital thermostats are available for both heat pumps and electric heat models.

Electrical Hook-up

  • 208/230-volt applications use power cord connection kits for wall receptacle applications. Power Cord kits are available in 15, 20, and 30-amp versions.
  • 265-volt applications must be connected per NEC.

Exterior Grilles (Required)

  • Architectural-Extruded anodized aluminum (can be painted to match outdoor motif).
  • Custom grilles need approval from GE Appliances Applications Engineering.
  • Architectural grilles made by others must have 65% free area as measured by the formula in the Architects & Engineers Design Data Manual.

• Architect & Engineer Design Data Manual


  • 10″ insulated round duct required to connect Zoneline to the distribution box/room ductwork.
  • HVAC engineer must determine duct size and run length.
  • HVAC engineer must determine number and size of air diffusers.

Cleaning after construction

  • Zonelines operated during construction should be cleaned prior to property opening. Unless properly cleaned, drywall and construction dust will coat the interior of the units and create unwanted odors and dust in the rooms, generating guest complaints. Ductwork may need cleaning after construction.
  • If not properly cleaned, drywall and/or construction dust may set off room smoke alarms when the electric heaters are first energized.
  • Zonelines must never be operated without a filter. A 20″ × 20″ × 1″ filter size (field supplied) can be installed on the Zoneline, in the optional Access Panel (RAVRG1), or in the optional Return Air Grille (RAVRG2).

Closet Sizing Hints

  • Minimum inside closet width — 29 1/8″.
  • Minimum inside closet depth — 28 1/8″ amount of plenum extension into closet.
  • Minimum inside closet wall size for 28″ wood door — 33″.
  • For RAVRG1 access panel, minimum outside closet wall size — 30″, and minimum inside closet wall size — 28″.
  • Actual Vertical Zoneline footprint — 23 1/8″ × 23 1/8″. Actual height — 32″ with adjustable feet fully extended.