Zoneline Buying Tips

What to Look For in Heating and Cooling Units

Choosing the right units for your property will ensure years of satisfied guests and profitable rooms. Here are some factors to consider:

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    The most important thing about a PTAC is that it runs consistently, day in day out. An unreliable unit can result in a room not functioning, which means lost revenue for your property.

    Look for PTAC brands that have a tried and tested large install base and are known for their reliable performance.

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    Noise Level

    Guests don’t sleep well if the AC is rattling throughout the night or they hear loud traffic noise.

    Look for units with low operating noise levels and with high sound insulation, represented by high STC (sound transmission class) and high OITC (outdoor indoor transmission class) ratings.

    The Industry's Quietest PTAC

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    Room heating and cooling can contribute as much as 70% of a property’s energy costs.*

    Choose models with a high EER/COP efficiency rating to lower your utility costs and help improve your bottom line.

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    Ease of Maintenance

    Well maintained units deliver optimal comfort and efficiency.

    Look for features like easy air filter access, quick connect power cords and universal heaters so hotel staff can perform these routine tasks.

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    Product Support

    How quickly can the manufacturer respond to any product issues? A non-working unit means a non-occupied room and lost revenue.

    GE Appliances technicians can service everything from PTACs to refrigerators and ranges, eliminating the need to call multiple service channels.

* GE Appliances Key Account Survey