Zoneline Buying Tips

Installation Guide for PTACs

Designed for a wide range of applications, packaged terminal air conditioner units are ideal for hotels and motels, office buildings, schools and apartments. When installing a Zoneline packaged terminal air conditioner or heat pump, the following checkpoints should be followed to reduce future problems.

Wall Case (Required)

  • Wall case must be level from left-to-right.
  • Wall case must be level from front-to-back (1/4 bubble slope to rear is acceptable if rear drains are used. Case must be level if internal drain is used).
  • Wall case should extend at least 1/4″ to the outside for caulking.
  • Wall case must be sealed/caulked to outside wall on all four (4) sides.
  • Wall case should be sealed/caulked to the inside wall on all four (4) sides.
  • Standard steel wall cases are 42″ W × 16″ H × 13 3/4″ D. 16″, 24″, 28″ and 31″ deep cases are available for thicker walls.

Sub Base (Optional)

  • Wall case must be installed 3″ to 5″ above floor.
  • Wall case must extend at least 2 3/8″ into room.
  • Sub-Base can be used for electrical connections (check NEC & local codes for compliance).
  • Electrical sub-bases are available in 208/230-volt 15, 20 & 30-amp configurations; 265-volt available in 15, 20, & 30-amp configurations.

Remote Wall Thermostat (Optional)

  • Zoneline Heat pumps require 6 wires (min) for remote wall thermostat hook-up.
  • Zonelines with electric heat and cooling require at least 5 wires for digital remote thermostat hook-up.
  • Standard digital and programmable digital thermostats are available for both heat pumps and electric heat models.

Electrical Hook-up

  • 208/230-volt applications use power cords for wall receptacle or sub-base applications.
  • 265-volt applications must be direct connected per NEC.

Exterior Grilles (Required)

  • Architectural-3-colors available: Beige, Maple, & Bittersweet Chocolate.
  • Architectural-Extruded anodized aluminum (can be painted to match outdoor motif).
  • Stamped-Standard louvered aluminum grille available.
  • Older architectural grilles can be used if RAK40 baffle kit is installed on chassis.
  • Architectural grilles made by others must have 65% free area. These grilles must have properly located baffles/deflectors or RAK40 kits must be installed on chassis.
  • Grilles not supplied by GE Appliances must be approved by a GE Appliances Applications Engineer to ensure compatibility.

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Cleaning After Construction

  • Zonelines operated during construction should be cleaned prior to property opening. Unless properly cleaned, drywall and construction dust will coat the interior of the units and create unwanted odors and dust in the rooms, generating guest complaints.
  • Drywall and construction dust may set off room fire alarms when the electric heaters are energized.

Wiring Wall Thermostat (Makeup Air Models Only)

  • When wiring a wall thermostat for the AZ45/AZ65 series Zoneline, use this configuration.